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The Seine done deluxe

Billionaire Magazine

The City of Light has an allure that is incomparable. Whatever you fancy, France’s (some say Europe’s) capital has it in spades...

Eat up Lake Geneva

Sunday Straits Times

Geneva, famous for Western Europe's biggest lake, makes for a culinary adventure and a portal to the country's beauty and history...

The Taste of Napa

The Business Times, Singapore

Mention Napa Valley and images of lush green vineyards flanked by rolling hills burnt gold under the Californian sun come to mind...

In Search of a Ghost

Te Waha Nui, New Zealand

The South Island Kokako was classified extinct in 2004, but two ornithologists believe New Zealand's most enigmatic bird still exists in the island's deepest forests...

Singapore's Best Kept Foodie Secrets

South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

Not all of Singapore's best restaurants are in the tourist guidebook. Marc Checkley visits some popular spots that are off the radar...

Making Much from Magic

The Straits Times, Singapore

I remember with great fondness my six years at the local community drama club in Auckland. On Monday evenings we would spend two hours cavorting around learning characterisation...

Willin Low's B3

TimeOut, Singapore

Some would call it culinary suicide to set up a burger bar neighbouring three established heavyweights in the bun industry, but Willin Low has done just that...

Of Movies and Mud Pools

The Straits Times, Bon Voyage, Singapore

In the film The Talented Mr Ripley, Tom Ripley arrives at a small fishing village somewhere in 1960s Italy...

Escape to Tranquility

Life! The Straits Times, Singapore

There are moments in life when you need to escape humanity, flee the hubbub and soak up new experiences, far from the madding crowd...

A Few Chords Short of a Symphony

The Straits Times, Singapore

I decided to let the pandemonium quieten down and the grumbling of some die-hard "phans" (Phantom of the Opera fans) to cease...

A ‘mallow’ view of Nationhood

Te Waha Nui, New Zealand

New Zealand’s cultural identity has a lot to contend with. We are in constant flux over what it is to be a Kiwi...

Secrets of the Yorkshire Coast

Life! The Straits Times, Singapore

“The Smugglers Way” –– three simple words that conjure up thrilling childhood fantasies of secret tunnels, forgotten dungeons, a pirate’s bounty, cupboards with a false back, and other treasures...

Let the example stay and shine

The China Daily, China

It was a frightfully exciting ride on the bus this morning. Only two-minutes into my journey there was an almighty screech...

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Love and Lust in Singapore (2010)

Monsoon Books

"Too Close for Comfort"

Metaphors Be With You, Volume 1. (2016)

HCAC | Coffee Stained Press

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